Systems of Equations

Station 3-

Systems of Equations game- Select “Play the Game” and then choose the “Teach me” option. Go through pages 1-7 of the tutorial. Then close out the tutorial, select “Play the Game” and then “Play.” After you have finished answering all of the questions record your correct and incorrect responses in the table provided (green=correct, red=incorrect).

Unit 8 Study Guide answer key

Below are the links to the answer keys for your study guides.  The first link is for pages 1-12, the second link is for the final problem.  We will NOT be spending time in class beyond any extra time you had Monday or Tuesday to work on the study guide.  I will answer any questions that you may have on Wednesday and then we will start the test.  You will have Wednesday and Thursday to complete the test.  We will NOT be doing corrections on this test.  If you want to improve your grade you will need to do a retake.

Answer key part 1

Answer key part 2

4/11 Links

Today you will be playing some math games for a grade.

Start by going to this website and type in the transformations needed to move your key into the lock.  Be sure to write down the directions on your paper as well.  Once you are successful raise your hand and have your teacher initial that section.

Next go to this website.  You will need to log in with the information that Mrs. Halley gives to you and then begin playing the game.  If you don’t log in you will be timed out in 10 minutes.  You need to play through Sector 3.  Record your ranks in the table provided.

Unit 7 Test

You will be taking your unit 7 test on Thursday.  I apologize for not being in class the past three days.  I hope to be able to return by the end of the week.  Luckily, Mrs. Sanders will be my substitute on Wednesday so that any questions you may have will be answered before you take the test.

Below is the link to the answer key for the study guide.  I have not worked out the problems but the answers are available.

Good luck on your test!

Mrs. Halley

Unit 7 Study Guide Answer Key

Wednesday and Thursday 2/12-2/13

Wednesday and Thursday we will be attempting our first quizzes in Google forms.  If you are a Miner you will take your quiz on Wednesday.  Everyone else will play Rags to Riches on Wednesday and take the quiz on Thursday.

To find the Rags to Riches game, go to Useful Websites, select Unit 6 and select the link for the 6.3 Indirect Measurement game.

To take the quiz go to the Unit 6 Quizzes page (under unit 6) and select quiz 6A.  You need to answer every question to the best of your ability.

Project modification

Due to the excessive snow I will only be grading the eight data displays as part of your 1st semester grade.  The rest of the project will be completed after Christmas break and will go into your 2nd semester grade.  By the time you leave school next Friday you need to have completed the following data displays for your own movie:

  • frequency table
  • histogram
  • bar graph
  • line graph
  • circle graph
  • box and whisker plot

You will also need to complete a scatter plot (including a line of best fit and its equation in slope-intercept form) and a graph that is misleading in some way as a group.  This will be worth 34 points and will be entered as a test grade.

Those of you who were working on multiple movies will only be required to complete the graphs for one movie.